The benefits of humidity

March 2019

Living in Florida and ‘humidity’ seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? Unbearable summers, wild heat waves and a whole lot of sweat. That’s what we probably all think of. So to some – the idea of adding humidity to your home is probably enough to reconsider many life decisions but we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t because humidity can do a lot of good things for your home.

Dry climates are not a good thing. They help germs travel more freely, dirt gets kicked up more and overall, your air quality can take a real hit. Here are some reasons why you should crank up the humidity in your home – even in the cooler winter months like these. Let’s jump right in!

What humidity actually is

Humidity is simply the amount of water vapour in the air at a given time. You deal with more humidity in the summer because the air retains more moisture. In the fall and winter, this changes and the air becomes dried out. The Vapor is useful because it acts as an insulator for not only the temperature in a given space – but also provides you with a ton of ancillary benefits.

When you should get one

If you’re someone who has sensitive allergies or gets colds easily – it’s a good time to invest in a humidifier. Also, if you notice wooden surfaces cracking or warping; the paint on your wall peels, or you find yourself getting shocked frequently – then it’s probably time to get a humidifier.

So how does it help me?

While we’re all acquainted with the negative aspects of humidity, we don’t know a lot about it’s positive aspects – of which there are many. When you live in dry air, the membranes in your sinuses can dry out and crack. When this happens – it becomes easier for viruses and other illnesses to penetrate your body. This is why people get sick in the winter. Coughing, wheezing and cracking skin are some more indications of air that’s simply too dry.

Humidity simply moistens the air and prevents all of these things from happening. It helps keep your skin moist, makes your air more breathable and makes your environment all the more safe from illnesses. In fact, cranking your humidity up to 43% and higher has been proven to decrease your risk of getting sick by nearly 43%.

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