When it’s time to replace your HVAC system

September 2018

Like any big-ticket purchase in your life, your HVAC system will eventually reach the end of its lifespan and it’ll be time to buy a new one. Ouch. But are you ready to make that purchase? Can you get some more life out of your existing system by simply doing some repairs? What’s worth it? When’s it not a question of value, but rather it just being time to buy a new something or other?

These are all questions we get and questions we’ll help answer today. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your home heating and cooling system. Let’s jump right in!

The system simply isn’t efficient

Are you noticing your utility bills going up and up? Is your system working twice as hard for half the result? If so, it’s probably time for a new HVAC system. What might have been cutting edge 10-15 years all of a sudden isn’t now – and It’s time to bite the bullet and get a new system. To good news is these days that high SEER rated systems are vastly improved and can save you a ton of money – not just in terms of lower utility costs, but also in the form of the many rebates that can be available.


If your system is making a ton of noise, then it’s probably time for a new system. For one, a noisy system is usually an indicator that your system is too large or too small for your space. Regardless of what the reason is, they both bring their share of problems and both will cost you money.

Repairs are getting more expensive

Just like cars, there comes a point where repairing your HVAC system just isn’t worth it anymore. If your system is less than five years old, you should still be under warranty which will make those repairs less stressful. But if your system is older, pouring globs of money into something just isn’t worth it. Instead of throwing that money into an expensive repair, it’s probably a lot smarter to just throw a part of it into a new system.

If you’re wondering if that time has come, give us a call and we’re happy to come do a cost-benefit analysis that could potentially give you the answer you’re looking for. If it is time for a new unit, we’ll be able to help create a road map that helps you make the best decision for your specific situation. Good luck!

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