A Tale of Two Furnaces

January 2019

By now, winter has kicked into full gear and as such, you’re probably using your furnace each and every day. For an unfortunate few out there, the wear and tear put on their furnace over the years has begun to add up and now they’re finding themselves having problems with their system.

When it comes down to it, nothing is more frustrating than a malfunctioning furnace in the middle of winter. For some, the furnace isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Of course the best way to prevent things like this from happening is to simply make sure that you’re scheduling routine maintenance. It’ll help avoid issues before they become genuine problems and bad situations can be addressed right away. That’s the answer- and while it might seem that easy, we know it’s not. We know there’s more than just your furnace and there’s a reason you’re reading this post as opposed to pricing out our maintenance plans.

Chances are – if you have a broken down furnace – that you’re in one of two camps: You’re either in the camp of the furnaces that won’t start – or the furnaces that won’t stop. Neither place is a good place to be – and that’s what we’re here to discuss today.

The furnace that won’t start

Furnaces break down for a number of reasons – some more serious than others. Sometimes when furnaces break down – they’re not even the actual culprit. Sometimes for example – the thermostat is broken – and serves as the reason the furnace isn’t coming on.

So our first suggestion is checking that thermostat. Sometimes something as trivial as that is causing the issue. If it’s not that, check for electrical power. You might have a tripped breaker, or a pilot light has gone out.

Always check the seemingly obvious. If you’ve cycled through those and nothing is doing the trick, then it’s probably time to call a pro.

The furnace that won’t stop

So what do you do if your furnace is running well enough, but just not stopping? That seems kind of silly during the colder weather – but it’s not good for the overall health and efficiency of your furnace and sometimes can damage your entire HVAC system.

We recommend checking out the thermostat again. Malfunctioning thermostats, frayed wires – they can all be the cause of what appear to be furnace issues. Again, just like before check the obvious.

Another issue is – that sometimes people set the temperature too high and the furnace can’t meet the temperature. Thus, it just keeps running and running. In other cases, it could be a clogged air filter.


If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace and need help, give our pros a call today and we can help give you a free consultation and help you get to the bottom of your problems. Good luck!



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