If you’re looking for air conditioning experts in the Clearwater area, Carr Air Conditioning is the company for you. We offer free estimates, impeccable service, and durable products. Don’t suffer in the sticky and hot Clearwater weather and consider a repair.

You Want Your AC To Work, And You Want It To Work Well

Maintaining your AC unit is vital to preserving its lifespan and making sure you’re comfortable in your home. An inefficient AC system in Clearwater just does not cut it. As residents, we understand just how hot it can get. Routine maintenance is key to ensuring your system is working properly and cooling your home to your desired temperature. This way, you can also avoid needing repair services in the future and protect your warranty. It’s extremely easy to void a warranty, and sometimes it’s accidental. However, if you arent taking proper care of your AC and something breaks, it will more than likely be money from your pocket. .At Carr Air Conditioning, we provide three different maintenance plans, all including a variety of services. The platinum and silver packages include two visits a year, whereas the bronze plan has one.

Common Requests For AC Repair Experts

  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Faulty circuit boards
  • Worn out contactors
  • Capacitor issues
  • Dirty AC condensers
  • Clogged filters

We have years of experience tackling these common repair issues. These years of experience allow for an efficient repair process with results that last. You won’t need to call us back in a week with more issues. However, if you keep experiencing constant breakdowns and you’re spending all your money on repairs, it could be time to consider a replacement.

Is It Time To Just Replace?

If you’re continually experiencing breakdowns, it might just be time to consider a repair. The average life span of an Ac unit is about 10 or 15 years. If you’ve exceeded this mark, this is already reason enough for a replacement. Constantly paying for repairs isn’t the only money you’re losing, either. If your unit is just half working then, it’s extremely energy inefficient. Running your AC harder than what it’s putting out will increase your energy bills significantly.

Furthermore, running a faulty AC unit can end being unsafe. Frayed wires pose a fire hazard, and chemical leaks can end up being harmful as well. Not to mention the air quality in your home won’t be any good if your filters are all clogged.

Check These Things Before Calling Your Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Please don’t end up wasting money calling your ac repair expert in Clearwater when it’s a minor issue you can fix yourself. It can feel intimidating messing with your AC, but it’s definitely worth it in terms of saving time and money. The first thing you want to check out is your thermostat. It’s quite common homeowners believe their AC is broken when their thermostat batteries are just dead. So switch out your batteries and see if anything changes. The next thing you’ll want to look at is your vents and filters. Part of maintaining your unit is cleaning air filters every 3 or 4 months. So if debris is clogging up your system, this could be the culprit of your unit’s issues. Lastly, check your breaker box to make sure your AC is getting enough power.

Our Services Include

  • Repairs
  • Install/replace
  • Maintenance
  • Financing
  • Pool heat pump repair
  • UV light and duct cleaning


  • Rheem
  • Trane products
  • Comfortmaker products

Whatever you Carr Air Conditioning and Heating can get the job done. We provide professional service that you can trust. You can rely on our honest advice for what you actually need. We don’t want you to spend unnecessary money and even offer free estimates! This expertise also reflects the products we offer: durable systems that are sure to last long and different warranty options for up to 7 years.


Don’t lose money or risk an unsafe environment. Reach out to the air conditioning repair experts at Carr Air conditioning online or give us a call at 727-447-7212. Having an efficient Ac is close to a necessity of living in Florida. If you’ve ever had your AC broke, you understand the discomfort of a hot home. Some people will even stay in hotels or with family members to avoid the heat.