Having air conditioning in Florida isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. When those temperatures peak, your health is at risk when you don’t have a comfortable place to cool down. If your air conditioner breaks down, it can take time to find someone in a heat wave to get to your home quickly. That’s why it’s always best to have a company to provide the air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg homeowners depend on when things heat up. At Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer expert air conditioning repairs and maintenance to keep your system humming all year round. Here’s why you should depend on a professional for your air conditioning repairs.

The Air Conditioning Repair in St. Petersburg You Need

It’s one thing to see something is broken and fix it. Many DIYers might be able to tackle what seems to be a simple adjustment. However, when something breaks, there’s always a reason. Our team performs a thorough check so they can figure out what’s wrong with your system. Once we understand the root cause of the AC malfunction, we can offer the right solution that avoids issues down the road. This in turn saves you money because your air conditioner will be functioning optimally.

Some signs you need repairs include:

  • Ongoing issues with poor cooling (Possible coolant leak or drainage issues)
  • Your system fails to turn off once a comfortable temperature is reached (Possible thermostat or control system issue)
  • Flat out doesn’t work (A long list of potential issues related to Electric/Electronic Controls)
  • Poor airflow and humidity (Potential filter clogs)
  • Not all rooms are receiving cool air (Possible ductwork leaks or clogs)
  • We’ll assess the situation and provide advice on what work should be done.

Regular Maintenance Avoids Issues

We find regular maintenance and service is the best way to improve efficiency and longevity. Our maintenance packages include:

Platinum Plan – $286 per year

  •  2 Visits Per Year
  • Wash Condenser (Only if water hook up is available)
  • Check all safety pressure switches
  • Amp draws on all motors & compressor
  • Flush drain line
  • Take pressure reading on refrigerant levels
  • Free capacitor – once per year at the time of the A/C inspection
  • 10% repair discount
  • No trip charge (For after hours or weekends)
  • Condensate tablets to prevent clogged drain lines

Bronze Plan – $69 per year

  • 1 Visit per year
  • Condenser coil
  • Evaporator coil
  • All safety switches
  • Amp draws on all motors & compressor
  • Flush drain line
  • Take pressure reading on refrigerant levels

You choose the package that suits your needs and we’ll be there to do the work.

Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Companies

There are many reasons to hire a professional company for the air conditioning repair St. Petersburg homeowners need:

1. Insured, Trained Staff: You’ll always know the Carr team is fully insured and trained to complete your air conditioning repairs and maintenance. We have insurance to protect you from damages when a rare issue occurs when the work is being done. Any unexpected events will be covered. Our team is also professionally trained to ensure they perform all work to standard codes.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: When you call in the pros you can avoid having to replace your air conditioner altogether. As mentioned, first and foremost we always recommend regular air conditioning maintenance to avoid the need for repairs. It also keeps your AC unit functioning at optimal performance, so you remain comfortable. You’ll also have a more energy-efficient unit that saves you money in energy costs. If a replacement is required, we will let you know and offer budget-friendly, high-efficiency systems and installment so there’s no waiting.

3. Superior Service: Only a professional can provide top quality work. Our professionals have the training and expertise to save you time and money. Our goal is to perform repairs and maintenance to improve the efficiency of your AC system. We want you to be comfortable and will take the steps needed to keep your system humming all year round.

4. Heat Pump Repair: We also offer heat pump repair. Both AC and heat pump systems use compressed refrigerant to cool your home. Heat pumps pump hot air out of your home like an air conditioner, so if you have a heat pump or suspect you do, you can still give us a call.

Calling in the Pros

It’s always best to call the experts first with a company specializing in air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg homeowners depend on.

If you want a quick repair for your AC system, the team at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating has got you covered, round the clock. Call us today at (727) 447-7212 or contact us online.