Suppose you’re looking locally for air conditioning repair or for the best air duct cleaning company in the Clearwater area. In that case, It’s fortunate you’ve found Carr Air Conditioning and Heating. We will ensure your home’s air quality is pristine. Not to mention making sure your HVAC system is performing efficiently.

Why is it necessary to maintain your air ducts? Moisture can collect in your ducts and start to grow mold and mildew. This can affect your home’s air quality. Additionally, a build-up of dust and debris can negatively impact the functionality of your HVAC system.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

When that trapped moisture is left unattended, not only will it create a wretched smell, but it can pose a threat to your health. Especially air ducts that have insulation. The build-up over time can create issues.

This air is blown throughout your home. If the air is moldy and people are breathing it in, this can lead to health issues. But if you reach out to an air duct cleaning company, you can avoid problems like this.

Breathe fresh air after an air duct cleaning with Carr Air Conditioning and Heating.

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Increase HVAC Efficiency

If mold and mildew aren’t a problem, clogged ducts can become one. If you have pets or an older home, you’re more than likely to experience clogged ducts. The consequence is insufficient airflow. In turn, your HVAC system is working harder than it needs to.

This means an uncomfortable environment but also jacked up energy bills. You keep turning your AC up, hoping to find a comfortable temperature that you won’t reach because of all the dust and debris preventing the air from actually flowing. Then you have to deal with costly repairs an air duct cleaning company could’ve prevented.

But the most off-putting factor of neglecting to clean clogged dust is pests. That dust, debris, and moisture create prime conditions for pests like roaches, rats, and mice.

Can You Clean Air Ducts Yourself?

You could more than likely clean your own air ducts, but it’s a lot less likely you have the tools you’ll need, such as high-powered vacuums and special rotary brushes. So it’s better if you leave it to a professional air duct cleaning company with the experience and tools needed for the job.

Signs Its Time For An Air Duct Cleaning

As stated above, the most obvious signs your air ducts need cleaning are low airflow and bad smells. But things people don’t usually think about that mean your air ducts need cleaning are,

  • Significant amounts of dust in your home
  • You’ve recently had a home renovation

Good local contractors will always clean up messes from construction but keeping things clean during the renovation process isn’t realistic. It’s common for dust and debris can get into your HVAC system. So if you notice something unusual, it’s wise to contact an air duct cleaning company.

Have you noticed dust collecting on surfaces in your home faster than average? You clean, and then before you know it, there’s a new layer of dust. This could have something to with dust collecting in your air ducts. The dust then blows around your home when your HVAC system is in use. If you look into your air ducts and see lots of dust, it might be time for an air duct cleaning.

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How Long Does It Take To Clean Air Ducts?

How long your air duct cleaning takes is a pretty frequently asked question. A general time is 2 to 3 hours, but there are some exceptions. If your home is older or you own pets, it can potentially take longer.

How Often Should An Air Duct Cleaning Company Visit?

You won’t need your air ducts cleaned all that often. Somewhere between 3 and 5 years is the recommendation for maintenance. However, if you notice any signs or indications of issues, you must contact an air duct cleaning company.

If your HVAC system goes out because it’s clogged and your energy bills increase, you’re losing money. Not to mention you’re breathing in low-quality air that can potentially cause sickness.

So don’t hesitate to contact an air duct cleaning company if you know your ducts need maintenance.

What Makes Carr Air Conditioning The Best Air Duct Cleaning Company?

We have creative solutions for keeping your air ducts and vents clean for longer, like the use of UV lights. Which can end up saving you money as well.

We’ve been in business and serving the Clearwater area since 1989. So we have the experience necessary to provide superior air duct cleaning services.

You can contact us online or give us a call at 727-447-7212 for a healthier home.