It’s hard to believe that we need heating systems here in Florida, but Carr Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help whether you need maintenance or service. Our technicians have experienced every problem out there. We will ensure your heating systems (whether it is a gas furnace, oil furnace or heat pump) stay running through Florida winter months.

When purchasing an air conditioning or heating unit you should consider the upgrades that are available such as:

Heat Pumps

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One reason that Florida homeowners choose heat pumps to heat their homes is energy efficiency. Heat pumps extract heat from the ground or external air and pump the heat into the home. Heat pumps operate like central air conditioning units, only in reverse. Where central air conditioners pump hot air out of the home, the heat pump transfers heat into the home.

Heat pumps are not a new technology. These heating units have been around for several years. However, heat pumps are most effective for homes in climates where the temperatures remain above 52 degrees. Even in the Clearwater region, temperatures during the winter will dip below 52 degrees. For cooler climates, heat pumps are usually supplemented with an additional heating source.

Air Source versus Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps generally operate in one of two ways: Heat pumps may extract heat from the ground or the air outside the home. Because the ground, as well as the air, during the winter contains a certain amount of heat, the heat pump capitalizes on this heat and transfers the heat into the home to warm the home to a comfortable level. Though air source and ground source utilize different technologies to heat the home, both types of heating units are energy efficient.


A traditional furnace is another option for heating your Sarasota, FL home. Furnaces in Sarasota, FL may be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane or kerosene. However, a furnace simply heats the home and does not provide cooling in the summer, as with heat pumps. A furnace is generally less energy efficient than a heat pump, as well. However, because an older Sarasota home may have a furnace, the homeowner may choose to rely on the furnace for several years rather than replacing the unit for a more energy efficient option.

Heating System Maintenance

The central air conditioning unit in central Florida homes will be utilized far more than the heating unit. However, residents in the Clearwater / Tampa area will still need to maintain their heating unit, whether the home has a heat pump or a furnace. Because the heating unit may be overlooked, you should remember that your heating system needs maintenance just as your central air conditioner should be maintained.

Heating System Installation

As furnaces age, they tend to become less reliable and use more energy to heat the home. At some point, you may be faced with replacing your furnace with another heating unit. When you need to replace your furnace, consider a more energy efficient heat pump that will heat your home during the winter while saving you in energy costs to operate the system. The heat pump will also work to cool your home during the hot Florida summer.

Carr Air Conditioning & Heating in the Clearwater region will provide heating system repair and maintenance. In addition, should you decide to replace your furnace with an energy efficient heat pump, we will provide FREE competitive estimates for heating system installation. Carr AC & Heating is your local family owned HVAC partner!