If you’re a local in the Clearwater area needing HVAC assistance, you’ve come to the right place. At Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we have an array of services and products to solve virtually any of your HVAC issues. Whether you need an entire replacement, an air conditioning repair, or annual maintenance services, we have your back.

We won’t stop there either. We provide additional services such as,

  • Pool heat pump repairs
  • Vent cleaning
  • UV light and duct cleaning

So if you’re having issues beyond air conditioning repairs, we’re available to do it all.

When Performance Declines Energy Use Increases

Energy use will begin to increase as performance declines because your air conditioner works harder than it needs to. Consequently, your energy bills are higher while your home won’t stay cool. Clearwater residents understand better than most just how hot it can get. Avoid the discomfort and take the stress off your energy bills with an AC repair.

Common Causes For Air Conditioning Repair

A lot of the air conditioning issues we come across aren’t all that surprising. It’s usually one of four problems that we see when air conditioners aren’t adequately maintained. Complications are typically due to,

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Dirty filters
  • Blocked vents
  • Failure of electric control

These problems are common, but they really shouldn’t be. With proper maintenance, you will experience fewer breakdowns and can feel more comfortable in your home. No more tossing and turning in the night due to the heat.

What If Your AC Needs More Than A Repair?

If you continually need air conditioning repairs, it’s worth it just to replace the unit. It can become bothersome to have a loud AC, and repairs can add up over time. Not to mention an unreliable air conditioning unit in Clearwater is an experience everyone wants to miss out on.

So if you’re finding yourself constantly calling an AC company for repairs and your AC is 15-20 years old, it might be time to just call for a replacement. Otherwise, repair costs will rack up, and your home won’t cool to a comfortable temperature.

Professionals at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating are fully equipped to replace your air conditioner. We stay in accordance with local and state building codes. Not to mention we have the experience necessary to get the job done right. An AC installation isn’t a job for the average Joe. You can trust Carr Air Conditioning to install an AC unit that will last you it’s fully intended lifespan.

How Much AC Condensation Means You Need An Air Conditioning Repair?

Excessive condensation can stem from various causes. Some examples are,

  • Bacteria clogging the drain
  • Dirty filters
  • Rusted or damaged condensation pan

However, no matter the reason for the leak, it’s essential to call for an AC repair. Otherwise, if gone unnoticed or untreated, you can experience water damage, which can be costly and provide a superb environment for mold and mildew to grow.

The indoor air quality will quickly decline, and your building material experiences damage. The most off-putting factor that sitting water will bring is pests like cockroaches and rats.

If your air conditioning shuts off completely, a leak could be the culprit. Your system will detect a leak and shut off until the problem is remedied. A word of advice, allow the professionals to handle your air conditioning repair. If not, you could potentially worsen the situation and injure yourself in the process.

Can You Replace Just The Condenser?

Some technicians will just replace your condenser, but it’s usually only if the damage was due to outside forces like the weather. Or if your system is newer. So it really depends on your specific circumstances. But usually, if your condenser is experiencing issues and your air conditioner is already older, it could potentially just be time for a repair.

Air Conditioning Repair Conclusion

No one enjoys a broken AC, but we’re here to make the repair process as simple as possible. With honest advice about what you really need and efficient services, we have your back.

Additionally, when you utilize our maintenance services, you won’t be calling for repairs. We can’t stress the importance of maintaining your AC enough because repairs can be a problem of the past with annual AC maintenance.

If you need a reliable and experienced company to repair or replace your air conditioning, you can contact us online or give us a call at 727-447-7212. Stay cool and rest easy during the hot months in Clearwater.