Local air conditioning repair in Clearwater will help you stay cool when the weather gets hot!

The summer season is right around the corner, but in Florida, it feels like it’s already here. With temperatures already reaching the triple digits, many of us Sunshine State residents are preparing for hibernation. While northerners retreat to their homes during unbearably cold winters, Floridians retreat from the heat. 

When the time comes to draw the blinds and crank up the heat – will you and your family be ready?

At Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ll make sure of it. 

Local Air Conditioning Repair | Clearwater | Carr Air Conditioning and HeatingWhy Carr Air Conditioning and Heating?

Since 1989, we’ve proudly provided Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, and other Pinellas County homes with quality and reliable HVAC service. Our mission is to provide our Pinellas County neighbors with the best, most efficient, and most reliable systems. And we do all of this at an affordable price designed to fit within your budget. 

You may have heard of us from our previous customers. Thanks to them, and our highly skilled team of professionals, we’ve earned a reputation in the Pinellas County community. When you hear Carr Air Conditioning and Heating – you likely think – excellent customer service, timely, efficient, trustworthy, honest, quality, affordable. Our business model is simple. We treat every consumer like a family while maintaining competitive rates.

Why Do I Need Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair?

One thing we always stress to our customers is the importance of annual preventative air conditioning maintenance. If you properly maintain your cooling system, you’ll have fewer breakdowns, save money, and have a safer environment.

When you hire the experts at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ll inspect your system and identify leaks, worn parts, and other signs that could indicate future issues. Once the problems are identified, we’ll fix them before any more serious issues arise. These kinds of repairs will keep your system running smoothly and more efficiently – saving you money on more significant repairs, replacements, and energy costs. 

Local Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater

Even with all the preventative maintenance in the world, repairs and replacements are still necessary. And in Florida, where temperatures reach extreme highs – you want those repairs done as quickly as possible. At Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ll do everything we can to get to your home and make necessary local air conditioning repairs as quickly as possible.

We want you to live as comfortably as possible – and in Florida – that requires working AC. Fortunately, our fleet of fully stocked trucks enables us to respond to your air conditioning and heating needs quickly and with skilled talent ready to remedy the issue. 

Identifying Air Conditioning Issues

If you’re unsure whether or not you need to call us to help with your local air conditioning repair in Clearwater, here are a few signs to look out for according to The Department of Energy:

  1. Refrigerant: Refrigerant is a compound that absorbs heat from the indoors and cools the air. When this is low, it will minimize the cooling capacity of your air conditioner. One of our technicians can recharge the system or identify if any leaks caused the issue. 
  2. Thermostat or Control System: If your experiencing issues with the control system, the problem could be as small as a dead battery. Our technicians will perform tests that will identify the issue and ensure your machine is running at the correct temperature. 
  3. Electric/Electronic Controls: These include electric connections of the compressor, fan controls, or capacitors. If any of these elements aren’t working correctly, your unit won’t work correctly. We can help fix any issues and replace any parts in need of replacing. 
  4. Drainage: Clogged condensate drains can prevent your unity from working correctly. If our technician identifies this issue, then we can either unclog or replace the tube to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  5. Air Filters: We recommend homeowners change air filters in their homes every 30 days to every six months, depending on the material of the screen and how often the owner uses the machine. If these become clogged, it reduces airflow, which decreases your AC’s functionality. We can help fix this issue too.  
  6. Ductwork: If you have leaks in your ductwork or a clog, you may be spending unnecessary money on your heating and cooling bill. You may also find that you aren’t getting cold air into your indoor living areas. You may need to get them cleaned. Click here for that service

Trust a Locally Owned and Licensed Small Business

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems or you’re unsure of what your AC’s issue maybe – we can help solve the mystery and fix the problem. Our team of skilled technicians has the experience, tools, and knowledge to be able to help get your home cool again. 

When you trust Carr Air Conditioning and Heating for your local air conditioning repair in Clearwater, you’re trusting a locally owned and licensed small business and trained HVAC technicians. Our technicians are eager to repair your problem. And they’ll do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The goal? To prevent further damages and more costly replacements and keep our customers happy. Also, as an EPA-certified company, we can help with making your home more energy efficient with our full range of Energy Star products. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s better for your wallet as well. Energy Star appliances will help you save on your monthly electric bill! 

Do you need local air conditioning repair in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, or other rural areas of Pinellas County? Carr Air Conditioning and Heating are here to help. We can not only guarantee your satisfaction but that all air conditioning repair services performed by us are adequately executed.

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