Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Electric and gas dryers are both susceptible to the buildup of lint and other debris within the dryer’s vent. When this happens, it can harm your dryer’s performance, increase energy usage, and even lead to house fires in extreme cases. Carr Air Conditioning and Heating offers affordable dryer vent cleaning services that will clear out all the debris with high-quality and on-time results.

Family-Owned & Operated

Carr Air Conditioning and Heating has been family-owned and operated since 1989. This sense of family and commitment has resulted in superior performance, improved reliability, the highest service quality possible. We’re proud to serve the local community with dryer vent cleaning and other HVAC repair and maintenance services.

Better Dryer Performance

After a few months, lint buildup will affect your clothes dryer’s performance. This means clothes and other items will take longer to dry, often forcing you to run a full or partial second cycle. Cleaning out the dryer vent, including the hose that moves the air outside, is the only solution.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When your dryer is forced to run longer than it should, you’ll use more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Carr Air Conditioning and Heating will clear out clogged dryer vents to keep the air flowing properly. This will improve the appliance’s energy efficiency.

Longer Dryer Lifespan

The more you use your dryer, the lower its operational lifespan will be. If you continue to run your dryer when it’s clogged up with lint and debris, this will speed up the need for repairs and eventual replacement. This makes cleaning out the dryer vent and lint trap on a routine basis an absolute necessity that can improve energy efficiency and prevent house fires.

Prevent Fire Hazards

After several months of running your clothes dryer, you’re very likely to wind up with severe lint buildup. Left unattended, this can create a fire hazard. The professionals at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating will remove every bit of lint and debris to help keep your household safe.

Repairs & Replacements

Not only are the technicians at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating trained to clean your dryer vents, but we can repair or replace any broken or damaged vents. Prior to cleaning the vent, we’ll inspect it to make sure the dryer and the vent are in good shape. We’ll give you our professional opinion of whether repair or replacement is warranted.

From there, we’ll detail a plan of action that meets your home’s needs and your budget.

Proper, Mobile Cleaning Equipment

Carr Air Conditioning and Heating is fully equipped with everything that’s needed to properly clean your dryer vent. During the appointment, our team will use an industrial strength, truck-mounted vacuum cleaner for the job. This vacuum cleaner is regularly maintained to ensure that it’s always running at 100% performance.

Scheduled Appointments

It’s recommended that dryer vents be cleaned approximately every six months. To make this easier for you, we can schedule appointments in advance. We will call you a day or two in advance to remind you of the cleaning. This takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures that your dryer vent never experiences potentially dangerous lint or debris buildup.

Professional Technicians

Like all other HVAC services, dryer vent cleaning requires professional technicians with hands-on experience and expertise to get the job done properly. Our technicians have been well-trained for any jobs that they’re assigned, giving you peace of mind that the task will be completed to the highest level of satisfaction.

Contact Carr Air Conditioning and Heating for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Carr Air Conditioning and Heating can assist you with superior dryer vent cleaning to prevent lint and debris buildup.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us at (727) 447-7212 today.

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