Ice Machine Repair and Maintenance

Commercial ice machines are essential to providing clean ice, cold drinks, and great service to your customers. Whenever people visit your establishment to relax with great food and drinks, meet friends, or stop to pick up supplies, providing clean, cold ice is a sure way to give them the refreshment they came for.

Carr AC is here to provide ice machine repair services when you need them most. Our team will ensure your ice machines are working properly and providing high-quality ice to you and your customers.

Our clients rely on ice machines, especially in the hot, humid climate of Florida. Unfortunately, ice machine issues can cause serious problems for your day-to-day business operations. No one likes poor-quality ice or waiting for more ice. What’s more, malfunctioning and poorly maintained ice machines can operate inefficiently, waste electricity, increase your energy bill, and be more likely to break, which can drain your budget.

If your ice maker stops working, our experienced repair technicians will assess your situation right away. We service, maintain, repair, and replace a wide range of commercial ice machines and their parts, including ice dispensers, water filters, and storage bins. Whether you have an Ice-O-Matic®, Scotsman®, Manitowoc®, or another brand of ice machine, we will have it up and running smoothly in no time.

Scheduled Maintenance

A regularly maintained ice machine provides a dependable, readily available supply of ice. Routine monthly or seasonal maintenance can prevent problems, eliminate downtime and gaps in service, and provide peace of mind. Planned ice machine maintenance helps protect you from the expense and stress of catastrophic failures. Your benefits include service calls, labor, and prompt attention on every scheduled maintenance date.

On-Call Ice Machine Repairs

If your ice machine breaks down, Carr AC will diagnose and fix it quickly so that you won’t risk disappointing your customers. We can have an experienced tech diagnose any issues, and most repairs can be addressed the same day you call.

Common problems that create a need for ice machine repairs include the following:

Hard Water Deposits

Hard water deposits that build up inside water hoses or on the surfaces and grooves of seals and components can reduce water flow. This situation can cause small or uneven cubes and lead to other issues, like debris in your ice. Our technicians can find and clear blockages in your hoses to keep your ice machine running smoothly.


If your ice machine has leaky valves or seals, you might notice pools of water around the machine’s base. Since water on the ground is a safety hazard that could potentially cause a slip-and-fall accident, it’s important to address the problem immediately.

Water could also be leaking inside, creating an unseen potential for corrosion, mildew, electrical hazards, or other problems. If you see excess water, encounter an odd smell, or find that your machine is jammed by large cubes of ice, you should inspect your ice machine for leaks.


If your ice machine is poorly ventilated or installed in a tight space, it may be at risk of overheating. A hot machine has to work harder and spend more energy to create ice, which causes wear and tear on parts and leads to more frequent repairs and replacements. Our technicians can diagnose your ice machine and find a solution that keeps it at its ideal operating temperature.

Ice Machine Cleaning

Ice machines need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty ice machines can host all kinds of microbes that can cause illness and dangerous conditions around the machine. Not only is the thought of unsanitary ice deeply unpleasant, but your business could face serious consequences like health department code violations or worse if someone gets sick.

Proper cleaning ensures that your ice machine will be free of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, dirt, and any other hazards that can potentially harm people or damage the machine itself, leading to a potential reduction in ice production and expensive repairs.

Many suppliers recommend cleaning your ice machine at least twice a year to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. To make sure the job is done right, call the experts at Carr Air Conditioning to inspect and clean your ice machine. Our technicians will ensure that your ice machine operates optimally to produce quality ice.

Carr Air Conditioning is Florida’s Leading Ice Machine Repair Company

Carr Air Conditioning is a local, family-owned business that provides full-service ice machine repair and maintenance services in Pinellas County, Florida, and the Tampa Bay Area. Our specialists repair all kinds of ice makers and commercial ice machines. Restaurants, golf courses, gas stations, and bars trust us to make sure their ice machines are creating all the fresh ice they need.

When you want the highest quality parts and service at a fair price, be sure to contact us for all your ice machine repair needs.

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