Pool Heat Pump Repair

C’mon in! The water’s fine! (Or is it?) – Heat Pump Repair 

Like any mechanical device, normal wear and tear can result in your pool heat pump needing repair. Because pool heat pumps operate in essentially the same way as home air conditioning – that is, by capturing heat and moving it from one location to another — a licensed, certified HVAC technician from Carr is the ideal choice for pool heat pump repair. We will restore your pool heat pump to its full efficiency so that you can once again enjoy your pool at the perfect temperature for you.

Pool heat pumps have become the pool heating option of choice for a growing number of Pinellas County pool owners. From Dunedin to Clearwater, Largo to St. Petersburg, Safety Harbor to Palm Harbor, and all over the Florida Sun Coast, people are choosing a pool heat pump over a traditional gas heater because of their tremendous efficiency and energy savings. With proper maintenance, poll heat pumps can last 10 years or more, and the savings can be substantial.

If your pool heat pump is not regulating the temperature in your pool the way it once did, call Carr!

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