If you’re the kind of person always looking for a way to “do it yourself,” air duct cleaning might be where you’ll have to draw the line. There are tools that you’ll need to perform the job. Plus, without any former experience performing this kind of job, you risk damaging your air ducts. Consequently, you’re dealing with costly repairs, probably wishing you would’ve just let a professional air duct cleaning company handle things.

Equipment Necessary For Air Duct Cleaning

The tool that any air duct cleaning company will have is a high-powered vacuum, and the type of vacuum varies between companies. For example, some businesses will use portable vacuums for convenience and flexibility. They can bring the vacuum into your home and get closer to vents.

On the other hand, truck-mounted vacuum equipment is extremely powerful and may be helpful in commercial buildings. Sometimes, an air duct cleaning company will even use both, so they have power and convenience on their side.

Although, odds are you don’t have this equipment readily available to you. Even portable vacuums are extremely powerful. Buying or renting this equipment can end up balancing out the money you would’ve saved trying to do D.I.Y. your air duct cleaning.

Is Air Duct Cleaning A Ripoff?

Many people are under the impression that air duct cleaning companies are just trying to rip people off. While you don’t need your air ducts cleaned often, the NADCA recommends cleanings every 3 to 5 years. Otherwise, dirty air ducts will,

  • Strain your HVAC system
  • Enhance utility costs
  • Reduce indoor air quality

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, not when it comes to your air ducts. They’re hidden and easy to forget about, but if clogged, they can put a real strain on your HVAC system.

When your air ducts are filled with dust and debris, the airflow is restricted. Hence, your system is working harder than it needs to. This means you have to run your A.C. at a higher power for longer, enhancing your energy bills.

Additionally, when air passes through the ducts, it collects dust and debris that can hold allergens and even germs. So when all of this is cleared out, your air quality will bounce back. But in order to properly execute all dust and debris, you need the right equipment and skills. So an air duct cleaning company is the right way to go.

Hiring A Reputable Company

If you plan on hiring a rinky-dink air duct cleaning company, you would probably get the same results if you did it yourself. An unlicensed and dishonest company won’t efficiently clean your ducts, and they also won’t check for any other damages that would warrant concern.

At Carr Air Conditioning and Heating, we are fully licensed and insured. Not to mention we have gained a plethora of experience through our 30 years servicing homes in Clearwater, FL. We also provide U.V. lighting for your air ducts for sanitation purposes because short wave-length ultraviolet kills bacteria. Avoid an inefficient air duct cleaning when you’re working with Carr Air Conditioning and Heating.

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