Are you considering your options for air conditioning installation companies in Clearwater? We imagine the last thing you want to do on a blistering Florida afternoon is mull over which one to go with. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and easy guide to help you find the best provider on the market. 

Find the best air conditioning installation companies in Clearwater

When it comes to choosing which company to install your unit, there are four key fields to investigate.  


Installing an air conditioning system is not something that you can do yourself. It requires the skills of a highly trained and licensed technician who is aware of the local and state building codes. When browsing for air conditioning installation companies in Clearwater, check that all team members are registered.

At the same time, organize a call so you can ask specific questions about the cost and process of installation. This allows you to chat about your AC requirements and consider what options are available. 

Some companies may charge a fee in exchange for providing an estimate for installing your new air conditioning unit. If this is the case, the advisors should detail this before they provide the estimate. However, Carr Air Conditioning and Heating do not charge for providing an estimate. 


Installation is the first step when it comes to installing a new system. But, regular maintenance is something that all AC owners must consider. 

When you discuss your installation, raise the matter of maintenance. We advise getting a quote for an annual air conditioning maintenance plan. This way, you have the comfort of a safer home, decreased risk of breakdown, and in the long-run – more financial savings. 


Hand in hand with maintenance comes the topic of warranty. Before you book your installation, enquire about what guarantee comes with your unit. We know that purchasing a new air conditioning system is a significant financial commitment, even with our family-friendly rates. But, if the unit breaks down unexpectedly and you have no agreement in place – this will tug on your purse strings.

That’s why a comprehensive warranty is your new best friend. Providing you uphold good maintenance, your home AC system should last an average of 10-15 years. As a guideline, air conditioning installation companies in and around Clearwater should provide a warranty for at least half of your unit’s expected lifespan.

Reviews & Professional Ratings

As you explore your options, look for signs that the company is accredited. Most local AC companies will share such endorsements on their website and marketing collateral. As an example, Carr AC received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

At the same time, hunt for feedback and testimonials from previous customers. Run a Google search and see what reviews come up. 

Contact us

If you have any more questions about air conditioning installation companies in Clearwater, don’t be shy. Give the team at Carr Air Conditioning a call today on 727-447-7212. Alternatively, you can contact us online. 

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