Clearwater residents understand how detrimental a broken AC unit is. Whether it be in your home or car, you will feel the wrath of the summer sun. Even if your air conditioner isn’t correctly working, you’re wasting money and time procrastinating, getting a new one. Luckily Carr air conditioning and Heating is the air conditioning installation company ready to get you right this summer with a great Ac unit. 

The Actual Installation 

Installing an AC unit is not just a quick, easy job. The process takes skill, and there are lots of requirements. First, you need to build in compliance with your state codes. Only a licensed and experienced contractor like the ones with our company is allowed to do this. Not to mention you need to install with the specific standards of the manufacturer, or you can compromise your warranty.  

We Have Your Back 

You might need a repair instead then installing a new unit. You can trust our company and employees will give you honest advice about what you need. We even offer free estimates and recommend you get at least three estimates from different companies to make comparisons. We won’t advise installing an entirely new unit if your old one is still in working condition. Carr air conditioning and heating company have the experience you can trust.

If Your AC Is Not Working Properly, You’re Wasting Money

Running your AC when it’s not functioning correctly is costing you money. You’re using more energy than necessary, and in the long run, keeping your half working unit is going to require more than the replacement. Furthermore, if your unit is getting about 15 to 20 years old, there are substantial differences in energy consumption compared to new ones. So if you know your Ac is getting old or just not working well, give our air conditioning installation company in Clearwater a shout. 


You will benefit significantly from regularly maintaining your AC unit. It would be best if you cleaned it often. Still, we also highly recommend annual inspections to ensure all parts are working smoothly and efficiently. While inspecting your provider should look for things like leaks or loose parts. Anything that could affect how it functions. Some benefits of regularly inspecting your unit are:

  • Fewer Break downs 
  • Financial savings 
  • Safer environment

Common AC Issues

Many issues can occur, and the first being low or leaking refrigerant. The next is dead thermostat batteries. After this, we have faulty electric controls and lastly, clogged ductwork or air filters. These are all common problems, but they have significant effects on the machine. Some leaks could even be dangerous, considering all of the electric aspects. So again, we recommended annual inspections to ensure your safety and limit breakdowns. 

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