How long your unit stays functioning relies on how well you take care of it. If you properly maintain your AC, then The Department of Energy says it can last 10 to 15 years. Whereas if you don’t, you can experience problems within just a few years and have to give your air conditioning company a call.

Once You Pass The Ten Year Mark, Consider Calling Your Air Conditioning Company

Keeping your AC unit after it’s 10th year, especially in Clearwater, could end up costing you. The heat we experience in Florida requires our units to work a bit harder. This can knock a few years off of the lifespan of the unit. Keeping around a faulty unit though, is just going to jack up your energy bills. Additionally, you’re left uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

Not to mention many AC units installed before 2010 still use a chemical called “Freon.” Which is horrible for the environment. So much so that in January of 2020, laws around the chemical prohibited production and importation into the United States.

Is Your Energy Bill Suspiciously High?

If your energy bill is higher than usual, your AC could be the culprit of the extra charges. You notice your homes uncomfortable, so you keep turning down the temperature. But the AC is working harder than what it’s putting out. This ends up costing you and also takes a toll on the environment. All that energy the unit is consuming is just going to waste.

Maintenance Is Key To Getting The Most From Your AC Unit

Changing your filter every few and cleaning debris and growth from around your system will keep it in better condition. These are things you can do yourself, but it’s also strongly recommended to have an air conditioning company do a visit at least once a year. A small problem can turn into a much bigger, more expensive problem if it’s not faced head-on. You can avoid half the common issues AC units have and save yourself money by just properly maintaining the system.

Preventive Maintenance Can Save You A Visit From Your Air Conditioning Company

Inconsistent running cycles are common issues people have with their AC units. It is usually caused by dirt and debris caught in the compressor. If you’re doing proper preventative maintenance like cleaning debris, then you can avoid this issue.


If your AC unit is well taken care of, it can live for up to 15 years. So make sure you have yearly checkups from your air conditioning company, keep debris and overgrowth around your system to a minim, and change filters every few months. Get the most out of your AC because it’s a hefty investment. Call Carr Air Conditioning and Heating today at 727-447-7212 or contact us online for a free estimate