Having AC issues is a real bummer living in Clearwater. In the summer months, which is pretty much every month, the heat can become unbearable. Walking into a cooled house after time in the sun can feel like you’ve just gone to your own personal heaven. So if your AC is malfunctioning, don’t wait until your stuck in the heat, and the problem has possibly worsened and ends up costing you more. Consider an AC repair before it gets too late.

Don’t Procrastinate On AC Repairs.

If your AC isn’t functioning correctly, it’s not something you want to wait on fixing. A quality AC is not inexpensive, and they’re intended to last around 15 years. So to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your unit, it’s vital to properly care for it. Procrastinating on repairs just isn’t worth it considering the cost of having to replace of the unit.

Energy Efficiency

If your AC unit is working harder than it has to cool you home, your energy bills will take the hit. You keep turning down your thermostat, trying to cool off but remain unsatisfied by the temperature. This is just draining money from your pockets and delivering high energy costs. Don’t procrastinate on repairs because you don’t want to throw away your money.

You Risk a Complete Breakdown By Avoiding Needed AC Repairs

By waiting on AC repairs, you risk the complete breakdown of your unit. The longer you run an AC with a malfunction, the worst it’s going to get. Additionally, the stress of that malfunction will start to affect other components of the AC too. It’s best to catch the problem before it gets even more expensive or completely irreversible. We all know it’s also bound to end up breaking on the hottest day of the year because that’s just how the world works.


The first concern with a faulty AC is safety. Your AC unit is a rather complex machine, and there are possible dangers associated with it not functioning properly. For example, frayed or exposed wires are a fire hazard and could end up destroying your home. Another example would be chemical leaks that pose a threat to the air quality of your home. Protecting your home is vital so be safer than sorry and don’t procrastinate on a AC repair.

Pay Attention To That Funky Smell And Strange Noise

Your AC unit will give you so many hints that it isn’t functioning properly. The smart decision would be to tackle the issue as soon as possible. The most obvious sign your AC unit isn’t operating efficiently is that your house is warm. But there are other things to look out for like,

  • Weird smells
  • Strange noises
  • Weak airflow
  • Leakage

If you push these issues to the side it will cost you money, time, and comfort.

It Could Just Be A Little Debris

Those strange noises and smells could end up being such a simple fix you’re able to do it yourself. The first thing you want to check when you start hearing those funny noises. Is it coming from your outside unit or from inside the house? Ensure that all debris is cleared from around and on your outdoor unit, potentially blocking the air condensers. When was the last time you changed the AC filter?

AC Repair Conclusion

Tackling issues with your AC unit quickly is essential. You don’t want to end up losing money or sacrificing comfort in your own home. Not to mention using a faulty AC can be unsafe, and safety is the number one priority at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating. If you have any questions or need repair services, contact us today online or give us a call at 727-447-7212.