If you notice a burning smell coming from your heater, it’s no reason to panic. It’s actually quite common after the summer months when your heat hasn’t been turned on for a while. Especially living in a warm area like Palm Harbor, where there are much longer summers than winters. But it’s wise to pay attention and make sure that the smell doesn’t worsen, or it’s time to call an HVAC maintenance company.

What Is That Burning Smell?

If you’re entering the winter months in Palm Harbor and turn on your heater for the first time in a while, you might notice a burning smell. Dust and debris can settle on heating components within your unit and burn off, creating that smoky odor.

This smell is usually harmless. However, if the smell persists for a long time or worsens, you should have an HVAC maintenance company come check things out.

What Smells Are Cause For Concern?

When your heating unit hasn’t been turned on for a while, a smoky burning smell is quite common. Although, odors you should look out for are,

  • Electrical burning
  • Musty smells

Musty smells are usually indications of mold and mildew. Which can result in poor air quality and lead to sickness. So it’s recommended you thoroughly clean the filters. If the smell persists, contact an HVAC maintenance company near you in Palm Harbor.

Electrical burning smells could mean a few different things. Your blower motor could be over heating, your wiring could be damaged, or the worst-case scenario would be a cracked heat exchanger. If you notice an electrical burning smell, immediately turn off your unit. Once your unit is off, it’s time to call an HVAC maintenance company.

Your HVAC system should receive maintenance once a year to stay in prime condition. Although many people stray away from hiring an HVAC maintenance company to take care of their system because of the cost. But considering the large investment of an HVAC system, it’s crucial that you get to use it for its entire life span.

Plus, you can avoid issues like funny smells, and an HVAC technician can repair problems before they potentially worsen and end up costing you even more. So the cost of maintenance is worth it when you’re benefiting from fewer break downs, a safer environment, and financial savings.

When Is The Best Time To Have An HVAC Maintenance Company Visit?

Your HVAC maintenance company should visit once a year, but when during the year is the best time? Well, to avoid that burning smell, it can be wise to have your maintenance done before the winter season. This way, you know everything’s working well, and you won’t be stuck in the cold making repairs or smelling smoky odors.

Or same thing with the winter season as well. Having the reassurance that your HVAC system is fully functional for summer is also essential.

HVAC Maintenance Company: Contact Carr Air Conditioning and Heating

If you’re in Palm Harbor and need HVAC maintenance, we have three great maintenance plans at Carr Air Conditioning and Heating. You can check those out on our website, or you can give us a call at 727-447-7212.