Here are a few common reasons your AC is not working. 

Even after the extreme heat of summer has dissipated, the last thing you want is for your AC to stop working. You can keep your air conditioning system running smoothly by scheduling regular maintenance, but it’s a simple fact of life that people often forget about such things. Since cooling your home is so important, we’re going to go over some of the most common issues that you might need to take care of when your AC isn’t working.

Thermostat Batteries Are Dead

Any time you’re dealing with something electronic that isn’t plugged up to an electrical outlet, you should consider that the batteries might be dead. Thermostat batteries will last for a very long time, but they’ll eventually need to be replaced or you could experience problems with your AC unit. These devices will alert you when the battery is low, but if you discover that your AC isn’t working, this is still one of the first things you should check out regardless of a warning light or alert.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Despite the advances in electronic devices and even in the world of electricity itself, tripped circuit breakers are still common. If you plug in multiple devices to a specific set of outlets, you may overload the wattage capability, which will cause the circuit breaker to trip, thereby shutting down all of the devices. This is something you’ll typically notice right away, but it’s still something you should check out in case it happens when you’re not around.

System Has Blown a Fuse

Blown fuses are simply a fact of life, at least as it relates to the use of many electronics. If your AC isn’t working, you may have blown the fuse connected to your thermostat. When this happens, the entire AC unit will shut down as if it’s no longer connected to a main battery. 

Even though you may be adept at replacing a fuse in your car, which is relatively easy, it’s best you call a reputable HVAC technician for the job to make sure that you don’t cause damage to the system.

Vents Have Been Blocked

When an air conditioning system seems to not be blowing cold air or the air isn’t being delivered to specific rooms, it’s very common for there to be blocked vents. Check all of the vents for obstructions such as furniture, boxes, or internal dust and debris. If the system uses an outside condenser unit, you should also look at that because it can get clogged up by debris, too.

The Transformer Has Blown

A blown transformer is basically the same thing as a blown fuse, except that it’s simply a different part of the system. If the transformer has blown, your AC won’t work again until it’s been replaced. To help prevent this problem from happening a second time, you should check your outdoor unit for a bad contactor wiring short. The best strategy is to call a professional who will perform the replacement and take a look at the potential causes. 

Starting Components Are Dying 

If your air conditioning system is like most others, then it relies on two capacitors located inside the outdoor unit for its operation. One of these is basically referred to as the “start” capacitor, while the other is known as the “run” capacitor. These two capacitors enable your AC unit to switch on and stay on, but they’ll eventually fail and need to be replaced by an HVAC technician.

Air Filter Has Gotten Clogged Up

A dirty air filter won’t cause your AC unit to shut down, but it will prevent proper air flow once it gets heavily clogged up. If you think that your AC isn’t working because it’s no longer providing a lot of cold air, this could be the culprit. Depending on the unit, you may need to remove the air filter and clean it, or it’ll need to be replaced. Either way, keep in mind that you absolutely shouldn’t run your AC unit without an installed filter.

Dirty Indoor/Outdoor Coils

If it isn’t already clear, you should be aware that an AC not working often means the system isn’t blowing cold air. One of the reasons this can happen is because either the indoor or outdoor coils are dirty. This is typically a problem when you haven’t scheduled routine maintenance. Coils will usually be cleaned by a qualified technician during a regular inspection. 

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