Weighing up the best air conditioning services in Clearwater? Whether you need a new unit or want to change your maintenance plan, you want to know that the company is reliable and experienced. With 30 years in the HVAC business, Carr Air Conditioning can guarantee you both!

What can the best air conditioning services in Clearwater offer?

Essentially, there are three areas that your local air conditioning company can help you with. Those are installation, maintenance and repairs. It’s worthwhile finding a business that offers all three – that way, you can build a rapport with your service provider. 

Due to the level of expertise required for handling these systems, you should never attempt DIY. Skilled professionals should only service an HVAC unit. Now, let’s run through what you should look out for to ensure you receive the highest level of care. 


If the time has come to upgrade your air conditioning system, you should always discuss your needs first. The most reputable businesses will provide a free quote before you hand over any cash. Furthermore, at Carr AC, we never advise a client to install a new system if the existing unit is repairable. 

It’s essential to choose a company that provides licensed and expertly trained technicians. After all, the installation must reflect local and state building codes and follow the manufacturer’s specifications. 


HVAC maintenance is an essential chore to ensure that your brand new air conditioning unit provides you with longevity. Committing to an annual maintenance plan minimizes the risk of a breakdown, resulting in a hefty repair bill.  

Naturally, every residential or commercial property has a different budget to take into account. That’s why the best air conditioning services in Clearwater will offer a couple of different options.

For example, Carr Air Conditioning offers a wallet-friendly Bronze Plan and a competitively priced Platinum Plan for residences. Furthermore, we provide an additional Silver Plan for businesses. All plans are designed to give you that peace of mind that your system is functioning and that your air is hygienic.


Of course, a malfunction is something that cannot be ruled out – particularly as your unit ages. And, with our hot and humid summer weather, we know you don’t want to have to wait long for a maintenance specialist.

As one of Clearwater’s best air conditioning services, we pride ourselves on a swift response to repair call outs. 

Wondering what a service call will cost if your unit breaks down? Well, at Carr Air Conditioning, we charge $80. However, if you book us to do the repairs, we will waive the fee and only charge you for the actual repairs.

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