Common Problems with a Pool Heat Pump

Having a heated pool in your backyard is one of the most wonderful parts of being a homeowner. If you purchase a high-quality pool heat pump, there’s no doubt that the unit will last for quite a few years. But, as with all things, problems may arise here and there, which will need to be fixed right away so you can continue enjoying your heated pool. There are several problems that might necessitate professional pool heat pump repair, and we’ve put together a list of the most common:

Your Swimming Pool Doesn’t Heat Up

If your swimming pool’s water temperature is staying tepid, there are several different reasons why this could be happening. If your filter is clogged up, for example, the lower water flow could be the culprit. Another common problem is that the heater isn’t quite big enough for the pool. Check the manual to see if you need to upgrade to a larger size.

The Heat Pump Won’t Turn Off

The main reason why a pool heat pump won’t stay on is because of a faulty heater switch. It could also be that your thermostat setting isn’t correct. If either of these seem to be the problem, you should inspect the pilot and gas supply valves if you’re using a gas heat pump or look for corrosion or weak electrical connections. With an electrical pump, check the fuse, high limit switch, and pressure switch.

The Heat Pump is Making Strange Noises

If your pool heat pump starts making weird noises such as grinding, banging, or whining, this is a telltale sign that something is awry. In many cases, this is due to some type of debris that’s been lodged in the system and needs to be removed by back-flushing.

Leaking Solar Collectors

Some homeowners have switched to solar energy to power their pool heater because they want to save money and help the environment. You may experience solar collector leakage, which can be fixed by isolating the leaky tubes. Since solar is still a new technology for this specific application, you may need to turn to a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Leaking After Lighting the Burner

Gas pool heaters are very common because they’re cheaper than electricity and easy to manage. A common problem is that it may leak whenever you light the burner. This can be due to either a faulty internal bypass or an excessive flow of water, the latter of which can be fixed by installing an additional external heater to decrease the flow.

How to Troubleshoot a Pool Heat Pump

As you can see, there are several different reasons why pool heat pump repair may be necessary. The best way to take care of any problem is to call an HVAC technician, but there are a few things you can try before they arrive.

Here are a few ways that you can troubleshoot a pool heat pump quickly:

  • Check the Power Source: It may sound silly to think that a pool heat pump isn’t working simply because it isn’t plugged in, but you’d be surprised at how common this is. While you’re checking it out, also look for any damaged wiring or breaker issues.
  • Check for error codes: Heaters that turn on but then turn off frequently have water pressure problems. Error codes such as “Lo/Hi” or “Flo” mean you have a problem that will probably require professional repair.
  • Examine the temperature settings: Due to the outdoor temperature, it’s common for a heater’s thermostat to not be set high enough. Take a look at the setting and make sure the temperature is turned up higher than the current water temperature, which is obviously an easy thing to do.
  • Check the Outdoor Temperature Settings: Some heat pumps can malfunction during cold weather, while others work perfectly fine. These devices typically work best when it’s at least 60° outside and will not properly heat the pool if the temperature drops below 50°.
  • Check the Pool Filter: Your pool’s filter can get filled up with all types of debris, such as dirt, leaves, bugs, etc. Cleaning out the filter will improve water flow and potentially fix heating problems if that’s the reason they’re happening.

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